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Watching a caterpillar morph into a butterfly can have a mesmerizing effect. The pain in this transition reveals itself in the appearance of ample slime, an increase in jerking movements that rock the larvae, and at last in the arrival of a wet-winged wonder that rips free of a discarded body. What would the human […]

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If you live in urban settings, you might find a couple of things to be so much a part of everyday life that you likely do not give them a second thought: Locks and fences. Both  are considered essential things in cities. You can buy them – or parts for them at the hardware store, […]

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I am having another dream. I am half way down the slide on my school’s playground. Nine children want to slide down, and nine want to climb up. I am in the middle. Smaller children squint and begin getting squished from the downward pressure. I yell to the boy at the top, a loud and […]

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As I stood on the playground this morning, I wondered whether the way I felt showed. I was having a flood of thoughts and feelings – signals – that wanted to rise to the surface. The timing was bad and I hoped that I could keep these internal communications tamped down. Still, on a playground […]

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