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Sunday! I dumped the contents of my shoulder bag on the rug. Time to cast out the week past. Tomorrow would permit space for itself alone. Such was my thought as I poked through the artifacts at my feet. Then, I found a plastic eight ball, smaller than the real thing, but hard and heavy […]

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Four young girls got into a scrape on the yard. One nudged another in passing. The other took the nudge as a shove. Then came two right jabs, one left hook, a trail of tears, parent meetings, and a juicy black eye. I had just these bits and pieces – half-sketched details that hinted at […]

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This morning, I stood on the edge of the playground, watching kids interact. Recess flowed and children’s voices wafted in ways that gave me an inkling of a harmony arising from the middle of the earth. Seamless alignment between above and below. Then, a colleague of mine named Jacqueline, a principal from a school down the […]

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With both fists clenched, Zeke screamed “Oh My God!” as another spider-kneed first grader heel-kicked an accidental goal between two orange cones. Zeke, now the hapless goalie, could not have blocked this random kick. Hence, a scuffed and battered soccer ball scooted wide to his right and rolled on through. Then came tight tendons in Zeke’s neck. Some name calling, accusations, and […]

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In front of me stood a breathless, upset, ten year-old, Daffnee.  Teary eyed, she bobbed up and down, over-sized beret flopping with each spoken fragment. Words fell out in fives and tens. As she’d come near to completing a thought, she’d get stuck and head back for one more go. I waited as her lips […]

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If a teacher gives even the slightest signal that it’s time to go outside, kids hop up and bolt for the door. That’s true most of the time. So, this morning, when I got a distress call from Ms. Weathersby telling me that Tarik “is being difficult again. He doesn’t want to go out to […]

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Evelyn kissed Hector. That much appears to have happened first. Little else about this fifth grade lip lock came to light except that they kissed near the dumpster, held hands for about five minutes and sat together on the monkey bars. I never saw the kissing but I did see them afterward: he in his […]

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