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A child can come to you like an open palm. She can also wrap herself the way that same hand might gather itself around a sparrow’s egg. Maeve, on most days, came this latter way – turned inward, quiet, hidden. No joy, no bounce, all business. She did, however, pout like a pro. This fact […]

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A “beginning” showed up this morning only after I stepped into – and stood in – a “middle” that made no sense. This middle included a small-boned, third grade girl named Tacia who sat crumpled in a corner near dumpsters, wearing thread-thin daisy pink sneakers, no socks, sweatpants big enough to belong to her big […]

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Wham! A shoe thuds against the front door to the school. Bam! Door flies open and collides with cheap wall tile. Pow! Framed in the doorway, punched out in back-lit sunrise silhouette stands Jeremiah. He whips his book bag from his shoulder and slams it on the floor. Then, he pulls up his hood, shoves […]

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