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School had yet to start. Already, I found myself stepping through the back gate and walking up the hill. Jessica, a fourth grader with long lashes and a sassy mouth had left through that gate, and my job was to find her before I had to call police and her grandmother. I just wanted to have […]

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This morning, a frantic call came over the office PA system from Ms. Knickerbein, the yard duty teacher. “Tell the principal to come right away! A boy has crawled under the steps and won’t come out!” She went on about how she had told him to come out FIVE times but I had all I […]

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Just yesterday, I spotted Marcus and Mateo from a distance as the younger one, Marcus, climbed a rusted fence. Marcus intended to flee. Mateo, however, had snagged younger Marcus by the shredded cuff of his jeans, and I saw that as the younger boy climbed, his pants stayed behind. The elder snared the younger from […]

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I got in the middle of a situation this morning that involved a tiny and hooded fifth grade girl. Her proper name was Arianna, but I took to calling her Vavoom five years ago when I first heard her voice. She reminded me of an old-time cartoon character – Vavoom – who could blow holes through mountains with one yell. My […]

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