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School had yet to start. Already, I found myself stepping through the back gate and walking up the hill. Jessica, a fourth grader with long lashes and a sassy mouth had left through that gate, and my job was to find her before I had to call police and her grandmother. I just wanted to have […]

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These are the Rules!   Admit that you are a child wrapped in a grown up body. Go backward in time to go forward in life. Treasure the bites and the stings of your first mistakes. Re-think, re-do, and re-write your soul’s story. Make for yourself a life that you can no longer predict. Fall down, […]

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Theodore, a red-haired nine year-old, cut across the playground before the start of school, stepping in front of me and tugging on my tie to pull me close for a whisper: “Did you see it?” See what? “The note that Jake and me put in your mailbox yesterday. Did you read it?” Theodore blinked as […]

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Fibs can be good things. They can shroud truths not ready for sunlight. They can buy time when the skin is still too thin. I considered these facts as I looked over incident notes I took today. A mean quick little sequence at lunch time led me to write the report out long-hand so that I could see all […]

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Carlos and Tamia, both kindergartners, sat on my playground bench this morning. I told them to plant their backsides there until I could clear up a couple of things. Carlos wriggled. His orange sneakers swung back and forth, inches above the ground. Tamia sat calm, hands folded in her lap. Winter sun hung low and […]

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I came upon a first grader, Ellery, standing by herself in my school garden. She had on little white shoes and a chiffon dress – both of which made her fit right in with the daisies that popped and bobbed around her feet. But it was her giggling – the pure simple delight of it […]

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