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Hunched over my desk on a Friday – filling out forms – I let more than an hour slip by before I lifted my head to look out the office window. Smoky sun dust trailed to the west. September dusk yawned orange over an empty playground. Where had everyone gone? Was I the last man […]

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Fibs can be good things. They can shroud truths not ready for sunlight. They can buy time when the skin is still too thin. I considered these facts as I looked over incident notes I took today. A mean quick little sequence at lunch time led me to write the report out long-hand so that I could see all […]

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Monday. I find myself in the midst of a rough start that raises questions and casts shadows on the afternoon’s prospects. So, I retreat to the kindergarten room where I hope to find peace as the light dims elsewhere. Children are deep in their work so I sit down at one table to join a […]

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