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A narrow path runs through the garden patch along the playground’s west side. There, at the point where asphalt ends, I encountered Daphne. She came from behind and shouted “Hey!” snapping me upright. I turned to see a small-boned seven year-old, with a delicate face and gentle eyes looking into mine. She lifted a tiny plastic container close to my […]

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A “beginning” showed up this morning only after I stepped into – and stood in – a “middle” that made no sense. This middle included a small-boned, third grade girl named Tacia who sat crumpled in a corner near dumpsters, wearing thread-thin daisy pink sneakers, no socks, sweatpants big enough to belong to her big […]

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Fights begin with time and place. So, how about Tuesday? Lunch recess. Center basketball court. Then add two boys, Anthony and Marquis, who would face off three minutes before the recess’ final bell. On a mess of a Tuesday, one where kids had to stay packed in classrooms for an entire morning due to heavy […]

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