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Sixty kindergartners and I sat huddled in the cafeteria. Rain slapped against the windows and the roar of falling water came on strong. The rumble alone brought a hush to this bundled little pack of five year-olds. Rico, the roundest five year-old I had ever met, stood with face pressed against the room’s big window. He held both […]

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You have to walk down two flights of stairs to get to the playground. This path leads out through battered metal doors propped open by two ancient trashcans – one can on each side. Monday morning, Felicia hid just outside and to the right. When I reached the doorway, she popped out in front of […]

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On a Monday morning a few weeks ago, I got a nudge from a short, stout fourth grader named Alejandro. He liked to stand next to me on the playground and give me advice. On that morning, he directed my attention to some older girls who were just then arriving: “Ooo, heads up, Principal. Here […]

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A mouse is a great equalizer. Need more explanation? How about this one: Angela, fireplug of a 5th grade girl, stood atop my school’s beat up play structure this afternoon the way she does every day, fists on hips, jaw set. The Crusher as the kids called her. An old school bully. She lorded over […]

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