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A narrow path runs through the garden patch along the playground’s west side. There, at the point where asphalt ends, I encountered Daphne. She came from behind and shouted “Hey!” snapping me upright. I turned to see a small-boned seven year-old, with a delicate face and gentle eyes looking into mine. She lifted a tiny plastic container close to my […]

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With both fists clenched, Zeke screamed “Oh My God!” as another spider-kneed first grader heel-kicked an accidental goal between two orange cones. Zeke, now the hapless goalie, could not have blocked this random kick. Hence, a scuffed and battered soccer ball scooted wide to his right and rolled on through. Then came tight tendons in Zeke’s neck. Some name calling, accusations, and […]

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On a Monday morning a few weeks ago, I got a nudge from a short, stout fourth grader named Alejandro. He liked to stand next to me on the playground and give me advice. On that morning, he directed my attention to some older girls who were just then arriving: “Ooo, heads up, Principal. Here […]

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