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Voting Day arrived! A rowdy wrap to a raucous school-wide election.  I stood that morning in a huddle with an anxious election committee, Jasmyne and Jermaine (twins), Maddie and Dwayne, and two second graders who loved being out of class. The bunch bickered about who should have done what. When Jasmyne shouted down her brother – “Be quiet […]

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School had yet to start. Already, I found myself stepping through the back gate and walking up the hill. Jessica, a fourth grader with long lashes and a sassy mouth had left through that gate, and my job was to find her before I had to call police and her grandmother. I just wanted to have […]

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If I tell you a story about a particular kind of pitch – a slow rollie – and if I tell you about the kick that followed, I am not telling you what I saw. I am re-telling a nine year-old’s tale. I will admit that I had my back turned at the time. You […]

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You have to walk down two flights of stairs to get to the playground. This path leads out through battered metal doors propped open by two ancient trashcans – one can on each side. Monday morning, Felicia hid just outside and to the right. When I reached the doorway, she popped out in front of […]

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Cecelia sat at the bottom of the slide at first recess, lower lip protruding, arms folded, and all nine of her years resting upon her like wet crepe. When I called out good morning, she pulled her arms tighter and did not answer. What gives, I wondered? I scanned the immediate vicinity to source out […]

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With bangs chopped just above his water-blue eyes, Eric sported a near perfect blond bowl. Beyond this bit of flash, a second fact stood out – that he had conned twenty-two other second graders out of hundreds of dollars. Maybe more. Some weeks ago, I caught a glimpse of his operation. Rapid movement  caught my […]

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