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A child can come to you like an open palm. She can also wrap herself the way that same hand might gather itself around a sparrow’s egg. Maeve, on most days, came this latter way – turned inward, quiet, hidden. No joy, no bounce, all business. She did, however, pout like a pro. This fact […]

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A “beginning” showed up this morning only after I stepped into – and stood in – a “middle” that made no sense. This middle included a small-boned, third grade girl named Tacia who sat crumpled in a corner near dumpsters, wearing thread-thin daisy pink sneakers, no socks, sweatpants big enough to belong to her big […]

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From across the playground, I could see a pack of fourth graders encircling a boy named Tobias. They barked at him and he barked back. “You’re out, man. You’re out.” “I’m not out. You lie.” Still more boys joined the ring around him, hollering. Tobias stuck to his post at second base. He stood in […]

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Let me admit up front that I have long had rescue fantasies. I have long dreamed that one day someone would save me, recognize me, and lift me out of the many tight spots I’ve created for myself. Even as recently as this afternoon, I caught myself dreaming of rescue from stressful circumstances. Then, two […]

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